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Welcome to Dance with Nisha

 Nisha Dance Center

Nisha Shivnani, founded Nisha Dance Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2012.

The philosophy behind the creation of Nisha Dance Center was to break down the restricted barriers neighboring dance and provide dance classes to all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced and professional dancers. Our aim is also to produce excellently choreographed dance shows and promote dance education and practise. We are constantly working on the future of our students in terms of their physical and mental development as a dancer. 

We are one of Dubai's prestigious dance centres that offers classes of all dance styles and provides you with opportunities to perform. From Wedding choreography/Anniversary dances to dance classes for weight loss and flexibility,we provide it all. We also offer private dance lessons for those who prefer one to one tuition or with a group of friends. We strive to provide you with extraordinary dance education programs that encourage dance creativity and build confidence. 

With our troupe of dancers, we are able to provide dance shows for fashion shows, exhibitions, product launches, flashmobs, gala dinners and opening ceremonies. We offer performances of various dance styles such as Bollywood dance, tap dance, belly dance, flamenco, laser dance, acrobatic dance,turkish dance, iranian, egyptian, mexican, modern dance, latin dance styles such as ballroom, salsa, tango and samba.

Together with this, we also provide dance workshops for primary/secondary schools and universities, birthday parties, hen parties, charity events and various other events. We also travel to perform and teach anywhere around the world.

All of our classes at Nisha Dance Center are open, so you dont need to book in advance. You can just walk in and take a class.


Nisha Dance Center provides dance certificates that are attested by Knowledge And Human Development Authority, Dubai, to its students. The Knowledge And Human Development Authority (KHDA) is a regulatory authority of the government of Dubai and is responsible for the growth, direction and quality of private education and learning in Dubai. Since the authority plays such a huge role in a child's education (both physical and academic), a certiicate accredited by the KHDA has its own benefits and recognition.


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