Other Dance Styles


Hip Hop/ Commercial/ Steet
Whether it's in nightclubs, school yards, competitions or parties, this style is for everyone. It includes various funk styles such as hip hop new style, popping, top rock, b-boying, breakdance, locking etc. This energy and confidence boosting class starts off with a short warm up which keeps changing every week, followed by up-to date moves on the hottest rnb or pop track.


Contemporary and Jazz
Both these dance styles require technique and are only taught at a beginner level. Contemporary focuses on the connection of the mind and body and jazz requires sharp movements with style. A typical class consists of exercises including pirouettes, balancing, ballet jumps, air leaps, floorwork, stretches, core strengthening and challenging dance routines. This promises to be a different and rewarding class.


Belly Dance
"Raqs Sharqi" or Oriental dance is a real calorie burner. From shimmies and body waves to turns on toes and hip moves, get ready to show off your curves and revive your femininity and grace. The class starts off with special belly dance exercises and flows into mesmerizing choreographies on brilliant drum rhythms.



Performance opportunities are provided to students of all levels.