Date of Testimonial: 14 September 2011


Going for Nisha's dance classes has been one of the best things that i have done for myself in my life.I always had a zeal for dancing and  i was on a look out for a dance instructor who brings out the best in me and gives me the right push to step on the dance floor. Nisha has managed to help me become a confident performer.She is a powerhouse & fills me up with all the energy & confidence i need. Her workout sessions are simply great. They make me  feel flexible, light and young. Before, i would just look at the dance steps and wonder how would i ever be able to do them but she just made it look so easy that none of the steps seem to be difficult for me anymore . At times she is a little hard on us but thats what makes her such a wonderful teacher.if one has a hidden desire for dance and is hesitating then i strongly recommend them to join Nisha's dance classes because she makes dancing a purely wonderful experience :))

By: Poonam Lakhiani
Date of Testimonial: 30 January 2011

I attend Nisha’s Dance Classes regularly and absolutely love them. There the best way to keep fit and feel healthy. The classes usually consist of half warm up exercises and half choreography. The warm up exercise’s are perfect because they prepare you for the choreography section of class. Nisha is amazing when it comes to creating dance routines.

They are all different, and I never know what to expect. Different styles of dance are always incorporated in the class, i.e. ballet, jazz, hip hop and of course the main style, BOLLYWOOD. I have become crazy for her classes and will continue to attend as much as possible.

I would  recommend this class to anyone, no matter what your dance level is. When I started out in Nisha’s class I was not confident about myself, but the more I go the higher my confidence gets, and the easier it becomes. Thank you Nisha for following your passion, it shines through you and helps others gain a strong interest in the amazing world of dance.

By: Hayley Green
Date of Testimonial: 28 January 2011

Nisha's Dance classes is a good physical exercise. Its is not only fun but a great way to socialise, mix, and make new friends

By: Arvana Chana
Date of Testimonial: 28 January 2011

I think Nisha's dance classes are great and fun-filled and very helpful. Nisha is a perfectionist when it comes to dance moves never the less we never get frustrated or tired. Thank you Nisha!

By: Simran Shahani
Date of Testimonial: 28 January 2011

Nisha's dance classes are fun and energetic. I really miss being in class on the days I cant attend.

By: Vidhi Manghnani
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